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Eggs Benedict Recipe

December 31st, 2012 by alice  Tags: , | Print This Post Print This Post


  1. Hollandaise Sauce

  2. 3egg yolks
  3. 2tablespoonscold water
  4. 1/2cupbutter, cut into 8 pieces
  5. 2tablespoonslemon juice
  6. 1/8teaspoonsalt
  7. 1dashcayenne pepper
  8. Poached Eggs

  9. water
  10. 1teaspoonsalt
  11. 8largeeggs
  12. 4English muffins, split
  13. softbutter
  14. 4slices fully-cookedboiled ham


  1. Prepare Hollandaise sauce:.
  2. In top in double boiler, with wire whisk, beat egg yolks with 2 tbs. water just until blended.
  3. Cook over hot, not boiling, water, stirring constantly with whisk, until mixture begins to thicken. (This will take about 1 minute).
  4. Add butter to egg yolks, 1 piece at a time,beating after each addition until butter is melted and mixture is smooth before adding the next piece of butter.This takes about 5 minute in all.
  5. Hot water in double-boiler base should not boil or touch bottom of pan above.
  6. Remove double boiler top from hot water in base.
  7. Using a wire whisk, slowly beat in lemon juice, beating just u ntil sauce becomes thick as mayonnaise.
  8. Stir in 1/ teaspoons salt and cayenne.
  9. Place top of double boiler over warm water in base (not over heat on stove).
  10. Cover to keep warm.
  11. Poach eggs: Lightly butter cups of an egg poacher.
  12. Fill bottom of egg poacher 1/4 full of water.
  13. Add 1 teaspoons salt; bring water to a boil.
  14. Reduce heat to a simmer.
  15. Break one egg into a custard cup.
  16. Slip egg into poacher cup.
  17. Cook 3-5 minute to desired doneness.
  18. Loosen egg from cup with table knife.
  19. Place in bowl filled with very warm water.
  20. Repeat until all eggs are cooked.
  21. Spread muffins with butter; wrap ham in aluminum foil.
  22. Broil muffins and ham until muffins are browned and ham is hot.
  23. To serve: Place two muffin halves on each individual serving plate, buttered side up.
  24. Top each serving with 1 slice of ham and two well-drained poached eggs.
  25. Spoon 1/4 cup Hollandaise sauce over each serving and garnish with parsley, if desired.

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