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Brined Garlic Dill Pickles Recipe

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  1. 1/2bushelcucumbers, 3 to 6 inches in length
  2. 3/4cupwhole mixed pickling spices
  3. 2-3bunchesfresh dillor dried dill weed
  4. 2 1/2cupsvinegar
  5. 1 3/4cups granulatedsalt
  6. 1-2clove wholegarlic(per jar)
  7. 2 1/2gallonswater


  1. Wash cucumbers in cold water then dry on rack or wipe dry.
  2. Place half the pickle spices, garlic and a layer of dill in a 5 gallon crock or jar.
  3. Fill the container with cucumbers to within 3-4 inches from top.
  4. Place a layer of dill and remaining spices and garlic on top of cucumbers.
  5. Thoroughly mix the vinegar, salt and water and pour over the cucumbers.
  6. Cover with a heavy plate (weigh it down with a jar of water) so that the cucumbers stay under the brine.
  7. Cover loosely with a towel.
  8. Keep pickles at room temperature and remove scum daily when it forms, (3-5 days).
  9. Do not stir pickles but make sure they are always covered with brine.
  10. If necessary make additional brine using original recipe.
  11. In about 3 weeks the cucumbers should be olive green and have a desirable flavor.
  12. Any white spots will disappear in processing.
  13. Strain the brine before using as it is prefered for the added flavor.
  14. Pack pickles firmly into clean, hot quart jars.
  15. Add several pieces of dill and a clove or two of garlic to each jar, then cover with boiling brine to 1/2 inch from top.
  16. Adjust lids and process 15 minutes in water bath, beginning the time as soon as the jars are in the actively boiling water.
  17. Cloudiness of brine is typical when the original brine is used as the covering liquid.

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