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Apple and Tea Brine, Injected, Rubbed and Deep Fried Turkey Recipe

December 30th, 2012 by alice  Tags: , , , , , , | Print This Post Print This Post

Apple and Tea Brine, Injected, Rubbed and Deep Fried Turkey Recipe


  1. 1(14-16 lb)whole turkey, completly thawed, not a self basting or kosher, they have to much salt in them
  2. Optional Brine

  3. 1cupcoarse saltor pickling salt
  4. 1lbbrown sugar
  5. 4 oolongtea bags
  6. 2quartsapple juice
  7. 1inchginger, sliced lenghtwise
  8. 10wholeallspice
  9. 10peppercorns
  10. 2bay leaves
  11. 10fresh sage leaves
  12. 4sprigsrosemary
  13. 10garlic cloves
  14. 4quartscold water
  15. Optional Injection liquid

  16. 1/2cupbutter
  17. 4tablespoonsolive oil
  18. 5garlic cloves, slightly smashed skin removed
  19. 2sprigsrosemary
  20. 4sage leaves
  21. cracked black pepper, to season
  22. Optional Dry rub

  23. 1/2cupdry rub seasonings(I use Cajun Spice Rub Mix 92066 or Sweet and Spicy Dry Rub 66475)


  1. In a very large pot (big enough to hold turkey) bring all the brine ingredients but turkey to boil then lower heat to simmer for 5 minutes.
  2. Remove tea bags and cool.
  3. Add washed turkey to cooled apple mixture and cover with ice cold water making sure turkey is completely submerged adding more water if needed.
  4. Refrigerate for 10 to 15 hours just so the turkey absorbs the brine.
  5. Meanwhile make Injection liquid by adding cup butter, olive oil, garlic, rosemary &
  6. sage cracked black pepper to season in a pot bring to a slow simmer for 10 to 15 minutes removing any water for butter and bringing out the flavors of the herbs.
  7. Cool drain herbs and garlic set aside for placing under the skin of the turkey.
  8. Remove turkey from brine discard brine and rinse turkey towel dry inside and out.
  9. Inject dry turkey in breasts and thighs the night before cooking with the butter mixture.
  10. Take the garlic and herbs that was set aside and place under the skin of the turkey.
  11. Place the turkey uncovered on a rack in the refrigerator over night.
  12. Heat peanut oil to 350.
  13. Rub turkey with any oil mixture that escaped while sitting overnight then rub inside and out of turkey with dry rub mixture.
  14. Tie legs and wings to body with cotton string.
  15. Lower breast side up into hot oil.
  16. Be cautious of hot splattering oil.
  17. Maintain oil temp at 350 degrees.
  18. Fry 3 minutes a pound till 180 degrees F.
  19. Remove from oil and rest for 15 minutes.
  20. Carve and eat.

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